Mary McGowan’s

presentations motivate audiences to overcome adversities by teaching them how to :

She draws on both real life examples to demonstrate these concepts as well as information from subject matter experts.

Additionally, Mary has developed a series of seminars and workshops which help participants increase their skills in organization, space and time management, and paper management.

Motivational Presentations and Workshops

Starting Over

Real life examples illustrate how the speaker transformed her life from one of poverty, abuse, and low self-esteem 
to one of success. This presentation will motivate participants to overcome adversities, identify goals, stay 
focused and follow through with their dreams.
Mary has presented speeches at a number of facilities, including: The District Parents Center (Camden, NJ), Pius X Retreat House (Blackwood, NJ), The New Jersey State Aquarium (Camden, NJ), The Jewish Federation (White Plains, NY), Mother Helping Mothers (Merchantville, NJ), Assumption Parish (Atco, NJ), and Fox & Roach Realtors (Voorhees, NJ).
Get Yourself Organized Many people waste our most valuable resource—TIME. This presentation will point out the pitfalls of a disorganized life and will motivate participants to gain control of their lives and their time by becoming more organized. Procrastinate Less and Reduce Your Stress Stress has become one of the leading causes of health problems in our society. One of the top stressors, of course, comes from waiting until the last minute to work on a goal or project. This presentation will explore the reasons for procrastination and the best ways to overcome it. Paper and Time Management A lot of time is spent looking for a document that could be in any pile. Participants will learn how properly managing papers will save an average of 3 1/2 hours per week. Mary has presented workshops at continuing education facilities and businesses, including: Boscov’s (Moorestown & Echelon Malls, NJ), Organized Living (Marlton, NJ), Barclay Farmstead Museum (Cherry Hill, NJ), Rotary Clubs (NJ), Gateway Regional Valley High School (NJ), and Haddonfield High School (NJ).

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