Mary McGowan established Organizational Concepts after years in retail management and helping family, friends, and business associates get organized.

Organizational Concepts, a professional organizing company, provides services ranging from paper & time management, clutter control, filing system design & organization, and storage design. Through the years, Organizational Concepts has also grown to include seminars, workshops, and motivational speaking engagements. These additional services have provided participants with valuable advice, skills, and self-confidence.

In addition to her business endeavors, Mary volunteers her time by serving as a Commissioner on the Camden County NJ Human Relations Commission also a member of the New Jersey State Human Relation Council, Advisory Board member. Mary served on the Board of Trustees of the Food Bank of South Jersey for seven years and three years on the Advisory Council Board. She established the Networking Club of New Jersey. Mary is also a past member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. And of the of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, and she has served as a chairperson of their statewide conference, Office of the Future. Burlington Co. Chapter

A friend Once told me "You love to run other people's lives" and I was forced to admit she was right. However, I wasn't always organizing other people's lives, I started with my own. My obsession with organizing began when I was a teenager as I neatly arranged and categorized my junk drawer, my clothing closet and my shoe boxes. My passion just gradually spread from organizing my own possessions to everyone else's. I didn't believe anyone should have to endure a cluttered life. And out of that humble beginning grew Organizational Concepts over 25 years ago.
I have always derived a great satisfaction out of helping people save time, money and effort by streamlining their lives. The services we offer have become even more relevant in the harried millennium where no one seems to have enough time to spend with their families, let alone waste 10 minutes searching for misplaced car keys.
I love what I do and I do not shrink from a challenge. Show me your messiest closet and my, blood starts to race with excitement as I picture how terrific it will look when we are done with it. I enjoy meeting with clients learning how they use an area and then figuring out how to best organize it to maximize the usable space. There really is no wrong way or right way to organize - it's what works for you - which is why we always follow-up several weeks after completing a project. If you are not comfortable with the new arrangement, we will change it at no additional charge.

I hope you will remember us if you run into a problem that needs expert assistance.